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Whatever problem you’ve got with your Project or your Team, we are here to solve it.
From technical advice to assistance in planing and realizing your project, we know how to do it.
After working with several big Teams and Projects we are highly experienced with a lot of tools and techniques to improve your team and your workflow.
If you are interested feel free to get in touch and tell us your current situation.

Project Management

You’ve got a Project or an Idea but you don’t know how to do it?
We do.
Ignoring if you only need help for the start or if you are interested in a long term partnership, we are here to help.
Building a Team, designing your workflow, setting up your tools and servers and afterwards introducing the team to the project, we know a solution for every Project.
Small or Big you can’t know how good your Team could work if you haven’t tried working with us.


Originating from Development we don’t only know how to manage and talk, we still know how to code.
From developing simple solutions for business and private use to creating large scale projects, we are your choice.
Known to all common languages like C, C++, C#, .NET, Java and more we are able to fit all your needs. With a big focus on security and performance we produce high quality products while never forgetting Usability and Design.
Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in working with us!

Our Projects

Most of our work is either private or protected by contracts and nda’s but some of our work is allowed to be shown.


With SWARM we are leading a new way for big-data and data analysis.
While the project concept itself still is non-public we are open for
potential partners and clients.
We will announce more information on SWARM in a later stage of development so stay tuned, or request more information via our contact options.


Martoria was one of our first projects in game development.
We aimed for a new way of roleplay combined with reviving the Sci-Fi and Space genre.
Sadly we had to put the project on hold due to the large scale and the small amount of resources but we are still waiting for the right opportunity .

Other Projects

Website & Server Setup

Experienced with all kinds of operating systems, we’ve done a lot of setups for many clients. If you need somebody with experience and a good eye for security we are the ones to ask.

Server & Admin Tools

Formerly known as OADB the Server-Manager was first created for an ArmA 3 Server called zero-one. Due to the urgent need for a way to control the related database we created a fast and simple tool which evolved over time.
After quite some time the Tool got better and a lot of features where added, now it is no longer just an ArmA Admin Tool, but a full Server Manager including Log and Ban Management, compatibility to a lot of different game-modes and an overhauled design. We also worked hard to offer compatibility and easy portability to other games and game modes and not only ArmA. If you are interested get in touch.

Game Launcher

Again originally created for a gaming community we created a game launcher which allows fast and easy file patching based on deltas. This means if you need your players to download game, mod or mission files our launcher will not only keep the client files up to date but will also only download the changes so the user doesn’t have to download everything over and over again. And the launcher is coded in C#,C++ so no additional software (like Java) is required.
We offer a customized design, patching optimization and the server setup, so get in touch.

Not enough?

If you want to know more about us and our work, get in touch!

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